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The Process?

To start the Cabinet Refinish process, you first need to decide on a color to create the cabinets of your dreams. After deciding on your color, you then choose a sheen finish that will protect your cabinets for many years to come. You even have the option to pick from a variety of glosssemi-gloss, satin, or matte finishes. Once the decision process is done, we can decide on a day to come to your home and begin the refinishing process. A crew of professionals from Final Finish begin by removing the cabinet doors and drawer fronts to load them into one of our company vehicles. The crew will then start giving your cabinet boxes a deep cleaning by removing all dirt, oil, and other stains. Once everything is cleaned we prep your cabinets in home making sure everything is taped and masked to ensure no over spray during the spraying process. Within the first or second day the cabinet boxes in your home will be Colored, Finished, and Cured.

The Process at our Workshop...

Professionals at Final Finish begin by scrubbing your cabinet doors to ensure a deep cleanse of any Dirt, Oils, Stains, and Sticky residue.

Step 2.jpg

After all foreign substances are removed, the Professionals at Final Finish fill any gaps, holes, or dents caused by years of wear & tear, and hand-sand it to a Smooth & Flat surface so that it's prepped to paint.

Once both sides of your cabinet doors are looked over carefully to ensure a perfect surface, we spray your doors with the color of your choosing. We offer Thousands of different colors, and sheens, working with the highest quality of paint to ensure long lasting durability.

Step 3.jpg
Durable Poly Finish

After your cabinet doors are painted, we sand it down to a silky smooth surface. We then apply a layer of the most durable polyurethane on the market, giving your cabinet doors a sleek matte, satin, or semigloss finish.

Finally, our crew returns with your completed cabinet doors to reinstall and adjust them leaving you with brand new-looking kitchen cabinets. 

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