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This customer originally had outdated cherry stained cabinets. Then we stepped in and updated their cabinets to "Web Gray" with a Satin finish, and installed modernized handles to match the rest of the kitchen.

This customer had oak cabinets, and some added cabinets made from particle board. The Professionals at Final Finish managed to blend the added cabinets with the older cabinets to make them look identical. The top cabinets were painted with our most popular color, "Chantilly Lace", and the bottoms were painted to our most popular blue, "Hale Navy", both done in a Satin finish. Silver handles were added to give it an elegant and sleek look.

This customer had outdated golden maple cabinets and a boring fridge panel. The customer requested for us to paint the cabinets White and install a trim design on the fridge panel. We made it happen and the transformation was astonishing! They even converted from black, stone shaped knobs to modern black handles that beautifully complimented the countertop.

This customer had old oak cabinets with no handles. Final Finish made their dream kitchen a reality by painting the cabinets with our most popular color, "Chantilly Lace" with a Satin Finish. They even chose modernized black handles to perfectly compliment the white cabinets, and to match the black countertops.

This customer went from a pale brown to our most popular color, "Chantilly Lace" with a Satin finish. They even decided to switch from regular silver knobs, to black handles that satisfyingly compliments the cabinets.

This customer was renovating their entire kitchen and decided on "Sea Pearl" for the cabinets, and "Hale Navy" for the island. They even went from all knobs, to handles for the doors and pulls for the drawers.

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