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This customer's countertop was in desperate need of modernization, so we went ahead and gave it a fresh, new look by spraying it with our most popular color, "White Vein."

This customer wanted a brand new look. So we sprayed the vanity "Black" with a Satin finish, and sprayed the countertop with our personal favorite color, "Muir Woods" which contains notes of black, gray, white, and subtle hints of red.

This customer had old Formica countertops that were unsatisfyingly pale blue. We used our special Stonefleck paint to update the countertops to "Café" with a Satin epoxy finish. "Café" contains various tan colors in a finer textured fleck.

This customer was planning to move away and wanted to update their outdated vanity countertops. We sprayed this countertop with our most popular Stonefleck color, "White Vein" which contains a base of white, and notes of black and gray.

This customer had an ugly green Formica countertop that needed a change. So we stepped in and gave it a new look with our most popular Stonefleck color, "White Vein."

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